Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tis the season ..

What a beautiful season it is !! I absolutely love this time of year ! Now that I have my own little family, it just makes everything that much better ! It's a beautiful thing being able to watch your child enjoy and love something that you used to love at their age. Watching him experience new things brings back so many wonderful memories as a child.
Today is my husbands (common law ;) birthday. Yesterday I made 2 cheesecakes from scratch and a birthday cake. I thought I messed the cheesecakes up at first since they blew up so big ! Thankfully they deflated as soon as I turned off the oven . I was able to keep Jon-Erik busy during the hour i had to keep the oven open by letting him finger paint. I think he got more in his hair than on paper !
As far as learning new things, I'm in the process of teaching him "twinkle twinkle little star" in sign language. He does pretty good! I found a video with a much better way of signing on youtube so I'm going to see if I can get him to learn that way instead. He is starting to say "nose" and "teeth." He has also, after months of going on strike, started to say "dada" again. Before Chris left for Alabama, he was saying "daddy." I guess we are starting from scratch with that. Unfortunately he has completely rebelled against going on the potty. I can't really say that I mind too much since he is still so younge and I don't want him to grow up so quick. I also don't mind his cute little fluffy butt. ;] It would be a different story if he wore disposables. hehe


Jon-Erik with his cousins on Thanksgiving.
Naked baby in a stocking!
Our Christmas card picture.