Thursday, November 19, 2009

Discovering the yoga love ..

I experienced a hard blow yesterday while stalking facebook pages during little mans nap. I read that one girl weighed in at 118 lbs when he LO isn't even a year old yet. I weigh ATLEAST 132. For everyone who don't know my pre weight.. it's sad. Within 5 minutes of reading that post, I was in my workout clothes and running top speed on the treadmill. I was gasping for air 15 minutes later and decided to call it a day. I found a DVD that someone gave to me and popped it in the player out of curiousity. Minutes later I found myself on the floor completely relaxed and in love with ... yoga. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with a daily routine of running and yoga during little mans nap time. I should tape a before and after picture on my fridge for motivation.

This morning is going to be nice. After I finish this up, I'm going to get myself and Jon-Erik ready to take a walk around town. As with every other 1 year old, he loves picking up leaves and acorns when we walk anywhere. He also enjoys pointing and yelling at every truck and bus that passes our way. I must say, it's very very cute. He has mastered every puzzle we have given to him (about 15 of them) and is about to start puzzles for 3yr and up.

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