Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The little things in life..

It's amazing the amount of things that can run through your mind when your children are asleep. My house is cleaned, laudry is in the dryer, and dishes are done. All the shows I like to watch are on at night and I have nothing better to do.

A new childrens play place opened up in my town this past weekend. It's only a dollar a day if you sign up for the whole month. When you have the choice of paying $8 for 1 hour of play or $30 for the month.. yea. Needless to say, we spent the morning jumping in bounce houses, going down huge slides and playing in ball pits. I then got to thinking like always how amazing and blessed my life truely is. Of course my SO and I could definitely benefit with another income but we choose the simple life for many reasons.

1. No one can raise DS the way I can.
2. Never in a million years [unless we had no other choice] would I let any of our parents/grandparents babysit for the sake of dealing with a spoiled child.
3. I want my son to have a close relationship with me and SO because we both lacked that relationship with our own parents as children.
4. Putting JE in a daycare would of course risk him getting sick and I just don't want to do that to him.
5. JE isn't vaccinated and that leaves me with limited or even no daycares that would even accept him because of that.

Halloween is coming up in a month and we let JE pick out his own costume this year. I've decided not to spill the beans and just post cute pictures after. =] All I have to say is he, of course, looks more than adorable.

Speaking of pictures .. For some reason this computer doesn't respond to the camera cords. I will figure it out one day?

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